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delete all iPhone Photo

Delete all iPhone Photo everyone always has a problem when you want to delete many photos from your device.

iPhone or iPad user always delete their photos or contact number one by one from their device.

Today I will show you how to delete multi photos or contact number from your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone or iPad design by Apple Company who has their own iOS operation System. So the user will need third party software is easier than using iTunes. if you want to copy photos or music to your iPhone or iPad. Today I will show how to do all this job.

Software Requirement for Windows User.

  1. iTool for English Version. Download Here
  2. iTunes v12.3.1. 32bits Download Here 64btis Download Here

After you download all requirement please follow the step below.

I. Install iTunes

  1. Right Click on itunes64setup.exe select Run As Administrator
  2. Click on Next go to Next Step
  3. Click on Install to Start Install iTunes. And wait until the installation Complete.
  4. Click on Finish to complete your setup.

After completely installed iTunes. Please connect your iPad or iPhone using USB cable to your computer. And then iTunes software will automatic open. if your iPad or iPhone alter a message to Click Trust or Untrust? Please click on Trust. And then click agree in iTunes and Click setup New iPhone or iPad.

Note: if you don’t click setup new iPhone or iPad and Click Trust. You can’t transfer will to your iPhone or iPad.

II. Install iTools.

  1. Extract and go to iToolsSetup3.3.9.6 folder. And then double click on iToolsSetup3.3.9.6.exe to start install iTools.
  2. Click On Next to continue to next step
  3. Click on Next again.
  4. Installation Directory Default C:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkSky\iTools 3 Click Next again.
  5. Tick to Create Shortcut on Desktop and then click Next
  6. Click Install start to install iTools Program. Please wait until installation complete.
  7. Click on  Finish to Finish Setup.

After installation iTunes and iTools please connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer using USB cable and double on an iTools icon on your computer desktop to run iTools Software.

Now let’s start to delete all iPhone or iPad Photo from the following step.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open iTools.
  2. Click Photo icon on the Top and then Click on Photo on the left side to open all photo on your iPad or iPhone.
  3. Click on photo you want to delete one by one or you can tick on Select All to select all photo.
  4. And then if you want to delete the photo just click on delete button.

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